So Long Sweet Summer

It’s almost October and it officially feels like summer is gone and not coming back. Summer has to be my favorite season (hello beach volleyball!) and I always try to savor every minute of it.

September for me means back to school which isn’t a bad thing, but the change in season is always highly apparent and an indication I need to hunker down to study for the next few months.

I love how carefree summer is with its long, warm, sunny days. Some summer nights I honestly forget to go to bed! I love my sleep but when it stays light out so long and you’re out with friends having fun, my bed is the last thing on my mind. Fast forward to December when I feel like I need to by physically dragged out of my warm bed. 😉

I think I might have a reoccurring vitamin D deficiency in the winter because as soon as the suns comes out I physically crave it and feel so much better after spending time soaking up the rays. This year I decided to buy some vitamin D drops to take each day to hopefully prevent the deficiency before it happens. I talked to the pharmacist at my local pharmacy about the best supplements and she recommended the vitamin D drop because they are easiest to absorb that way.

I’m looking forward to seeing if starting to take these now makes a difference in the dead of winter! If not maybe I need to treat myself to a winter holiday in Mexico or something! 😉 I will let you guys know how it goes in case any of you suffer from something similar!