Hello Summer!

We are in the depths of summer and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Summer is my season! Long days, heat, sunsets, a crisp breeze, the beach…. I love it all and aspire to soak up every single second of it.

I’m a student September through April and occasionally in the summer as well. This summer there were no pressing classes I needed to take so I decided to give myself the summer off school and just work to save some money for the upcoming school year. Usually I work full time and go to the school part time in the summer so this change has felt very welcome and luxurious! It’s nice to have a day off in the middle of the week, or the days off and working in the evening. I love having a variable schedule that changes all the time, too much scheduling is so monotonous for me.

This summer I’m working at a local ice cream parlour although it’s not one of the ice cream parlours I grew up with. This is fancy! All the ice cream is made in house out of the best and freshest ingredients which yields really yummy ice cream. We ever have a number of dairy free options since so many people cannot or choose not to have dairy. It’s been such a fun summer job as almost all of our customers are happy and friendly – how could you not be when you’re getting ice cream?! Plus I get one free cone a day which I definitely take advantage of. After this summer I’m sure I’ll never want to look at ice cream again… but until then!

I’ve also been playing as much outdoor volleyball as I can. I am part of a casual team that plays once a week and I also have a handful of friends I play with once or twice a week for fun. At this stage in my life it’s all fun but competition does creep in every now and again. After plaing volleyball in school for most of my life it’s hard not to revert back to that competitive nature but I’ve become much more laid back. Which everyone on my teams appreciates!

That’s my current and remaining summer in a nutshell. It’s been amazing and I’m so grateful to soak up another month before back to school!